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Business Descriptions

Our newly founded business is named Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc. with pending registration as a Business Corporation with 3 Board of Directors; an appointed President; 2 Advisers; Treasurer; Secretary; and an Executive Officer. At present we are operating in Grand Ravine Community Center for almost four months now having 36 active participants. We are still considering our operation as a start-up business.

Although karate is for all ages, our initial target is youth development, and our real goal is to develop future leaders of business and government thru martial arts training. Right now our core group may not be the “cream of the crop” but we have the intimacy and understanding of the collaborated idea of success thru good business organization with the common purpose of putting up a Business that will serve for the betterment of youth and the community as a whole.

Grand Ravine area is a typical Community to operate because of several old high rise apartment buildings beside Keele Street that is short of exercise facilities for the growing families. Walking distance away is the notorious Jane and Finch area where most of illegal drugs in Toronto are being sold. With the members’ effort to find a new location for us, in the same neighborhood— suitable place was found in a Medical Building which is a walking distance from Grand Ravine. Right now the owner who happens to be the longtime employer of one of our key official is waiting for our decision to rent the place because he also want his building to have exercise facilities for sedentary employees to be active after work. Most of the occupants of the building are Offices of Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers. Our vision is to establish a Financially Independent and Economically Sustainable Enterprise that will produce young leaders who are Karate Instructors to be assigned to facilities of Community Centers in Toronto area and ultimately all over Canada.

Mission Statement:

Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc. is committed to enhance and develope awareness among members of the community and the importance of dynamic activity through self-preservation; self-discipline; and respect that can be acquired in the practice of Shorin-Ryu principle, belief and philosophy. Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc. is a social enterprise where every member is considered a part owner of the company by investing their time and effort for the growth of the corporation. It is considered a Social Enterprise because it will solve a social problem by a social group that owns the business. The unique feature of the hierarchal structure with regards to the chain of command is based on utmost respect; outright diligence; and unquestionable loyalty for the common cause of all its members. It is therefore our goal to collaborate and pass the traditional legacy to the posterity of the next generation with financial freedom; high moral values; and sustainable ideals.

Sensei Rodolfo P. Gerochi
Founder (5th Degree Black Belt)
625 The West Mall Suite #1006
Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 4W9 Canada

http://www.dynamic-shorin-ryu.com * http://www.richgerochi.wordpress.com

[April 17, 2013]

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