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History and Current Status of Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc.


Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc. is committed to enhance and develop awareness among members of the community and the importance of dynamic activity through self-preservation; self-discipline; and respect that can be acquired in the practice of Shorin-Ryu principle, belief and philosophy. Dynamic Shorin-Ryu Canada Inc. is a social enterprise where every member is considered a part owner of the company by investing their time and effort for the growth of the corporation. The unique feature of the hierarchal structure with regards to the chain of command is based on utmost respect; outright diligence; and unquestionable loyalty for the common cause of all its members. It is therefore our goal to collaborate and pass the traditional legacy to the posterity of the next generation with financial freedom; high moral values; and sustainable ideals.

Our Price will be lower than our competitor because we are attracting leaders and potential karate instructors to motivate and be a role model for the future students to follow.

Our Location should be near the government facilities so that just in case we run out of funds we can still continue to use the community center to pursue our plans.

Quality and efficiency is our priority for the first year of operation because with smaller class we can teach better and serve with quality.

Our special product features will be our dynamic point cards which will be used to motivate our members to work toward accomplishing our goals, these point cards can be converted into cash or shares of stock of the corporation.

We will be establishing an image not as a group of fighters but assertive individuals with strong and well-rounded character who detest violence but will stand his ground if needed. For the real score of karate is to prepare and master a fighting skill against bigger and stronger attacker using element of surprise from a passive and disguising stance in unintimidating gesture to communicate while talking his way out of trouble. So, it is already a part of training in karate to act in a gentleman manner though in “between life and death” situation before unleashing the outburst of speed and power. A karate man should be relaxed and calm with ease but ready anytime—it is in this very critical moment that he will gently talk his way out. Because if you are calm, would be attacker will calm down too—even the mentally sick person. This general scenario is not that easy to achieve—-it needs training, self-confidence; and self-discipline with sincere attitude to respect others.

Internal Strengths

Our financial strength is not established yet since we are only four months in operation. However, our strength lies within the morale of our members who are motivated toward the commitment of building the corporation.

Being a Social enterprise, members are motivated to volunteer and work for the corporation so that they can invest their time and effort in exchange of the share of stock. It is also advantageous to the corporation because it can avail the needed quality of labor without spending any cash. In general, it is a strategic partnership between members and the corporation—the corporation being the capitalist while members are the Industrialist. The operational advantages of this strategy are the active participation and synergized effort of every member towards the common goal. In Martial Art school the hierarchal structure of the chain of command within the corporation is the promotional Belt which is worn during sessions. The unique feature of Dynamic Shorin-ryu is the way we promote our members from one belt to the next level. Unlike other schools the Belting Promotion is decided by the Instructor—-in Dynamic Shorin-Ryu it is decided effectively by higher class through the process of judging “Tournament style”. Student will perform his kata form in front of three senior belts and one arbiter, using the whistle as a signal all will turn their back and a flag will be raised if the performer has passed for the next level or not.

All decisions budgets and expenses will be planned by the Board of Directors which is composed of senior belts of the Corporation.

Sensei Rodolfo Gerochi
5th Degree Black Belt – Founder
625 The West Mall Suite #1006
Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 4W9 CANADA
EMail : http://www.shorin-ryu@yahoo.com